What does a Partnering Church do?

  • Pray regularly for local students, and for them to hear about Jesus at their school.

  • Encourage youth in the congregation to become involved in Laget at their school.

  • Provide contact-persons associatied with the church to help local "Lag"

  • Dedicate an offering to Laget annually.

  • Have at least one activity a year (e.g. Lectures or talks by Laget)

We offer/provide:

  • Relevant seminars for youth and adults.

  • Devotions and workshops focusing on life as a christian in school and university.

  • Human resources who can contribute in establishing and maintaining a local "lag".

  • Opportunities to participate in ecumenical events and gatherings; national as well as international.

  • Economic support to run the local "Lag", providing there are at least 5 members or more under the age of 26.

  • Discounts on all events and happenings organised by Laget.

  • The opportunity to apply for economic support for projects upto a value of 15.000,-

  • We will regularly pray for the church or congregation.

Why cooperate?

We want cooperation in equiping and strenghtening christian youth to live out their faith in their everyday life at school and at university, and find a home in their local church. Only a minority of young people in Norway go to church, but all of them attend shool, so why not have churchlife follow them there?

Purpose of cooperation:

Laget wants to be an extension of the church into schools and campuses so that Jesus can be known there. It is our conviction that together we stand stronger, and can reach many more than otherwise. At the same time we are commited to connecting students to local churches and congregations so that they can grow as christians and find a home in their local church.

To date there are local "lag" at more than 200 schools, however most schools are without. Together we can reach them all!

If this seems like an interesting prospect for your church, or you wish to learn more: Fill in the form below and we will contact you.

Our Partnering Churches:

  • Alta Frikirke

  • Fredrikstad Frikirke

  • Greåker Frikirke

  • Grimstad Frikirke

  • Grimstad Misjonskirke

  • Halden Frikirke

  • Hamar Frikirke

  • Menigheten 3:16 i Fredrikstad

  • Namsos Frikirke

  • Nordreisa menighet

  • Nordic Chinese Christian Church

  • Råde Frikirke

  • Sarpsborg Frikirke

  • Oslo Søndre Frikirke

  • Tønsberg Frikirke

  • Østsida Frikirke

  • IMI-Kirken Stavanger