Karl-Johan Kjøde (General Secretary) talks about the importance of cooperation when tackling the difficulties facing students today

Our call as a movement is to be the extended arm of the church into schools and campuses. There we support students who want to follow Jesus, so that they can grow in the recognition of His love, and share it with others. School and university is a place where young people spend significant parts of their waking hours. It is therefore crucial that we – the Church of Christ – equip them, and support them in this. For this Laget needs the churches and the churches need Laget!

As Christians we believe that every pupil, and student is inalienable to God, but lost without Christ. It is therefore urgent that we spread the news of Jesus to the 300.000 students and the pupils in the 1600 junior- and senior highschools in norway. This is most effectively done by the students themselves. Our mission is therefore: To pray for, equip and support the students in their mission, so that Jesus is believed, loved and followed on all schools and campuses.

  1. It is a specific way to support the students and pupils in the congregation, independant of the churches own resources

  2. Laget has a unique competance and capability as a pupil- and student-organisation, which we gladly share

  3. We – unlike most congregations – are permitted access to schools and campuses

  4. We work both locally and nationally for the young people of your congregation, especially their rights to freedom of religion and speach, in a time where these rights are threatened.

  5. The time in school and studies is by far the most formative phase in life. The beliefs, habits and values aquired here will shape much of young peoples lives.

Geir Loftesnes, pastor in IMI-kirken Stavanger, explains why IMI-kirken wanted to become a partner with Laget. (NORWEGIAN)

Laget offers:

  • We will pray regularly for your church

  • We are more than happy to arrange seminars, preaching or workshops with your church. We have the following seminars:

    • How the faith of your children is challenged in school – for adults

    • Life as a Christian student – for current- or future students

    • Jesus at school – for everyone

    • Christian faith when meeting a sceptic – for everyone

    • “Grill” a Christian – for everyone

  • Access to resourceful people from our organisation who see good opportunities for cooperation

  • Basic economic support for “Lags” and possibility to recieve funding for projects with corresponding “Lags”

  • Priority access to resources from Laget, such as books, concepts, surveys and more.


  • That the congregation regularly prays for the students and pupils in the local schools and campuses.

  • That the congregation devote at least one offering(monetary) to Laget anually.

  • That the congregation holds one day anually, to put focus on and facilitates participation in Laget. This can be a seminar, workshop or a service devoted to talking about Laget.

  • That the congregation presents one adult contactperson for us to coordinate with

Join the movement and register your church as a partner, and we will be in touch. Any questions can be directed to Victoria Haugen Kristoffersen; 22 99 24 24 or Lars@nkss.no.

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