Laget has traditionally been unrepresentative in regards to the cultural diversity that exists in Norway. The same also applies to most of norwegian churchlife. Therefore the General Assembly of Laget established Laget Interact, as a network to closely follow and cooperate with migrant-churches in Norway, in order to fullfill Lagets mission statement together. There are over 100 of these migrant-churches in Oslo alone, i.e; churches and congregations primarily consisting of immigrants.

Since the establishment of Laget Interact in 2016, it is, in our experience, primarily a matter of connection; between people and churches, so as to develop understanding, trust and cooperation. From there; working together to fullfill Lagets mission statement is an achievable goal, as it is our common call as the church of Christ to pass on the Gospel, also specifically; to the youth of our society.

Partnering Churches

One of the crucial ways we operate within Laget Interact, is through the establisment of Church partners. Read more.

Establishing local "Lag"

Not all people go to Church, but everyone goes to school. Our goal is to create multicultural gatherings and meeting points between cultures with a focus on Jesus. We establish prayer groups, and arrange action weeks where youth across the cultural spectrum work together to share the Gospel with fellow students. 


We possess a large variety of networks and competence in the field of cross-cultural work and understanding. Every year several Students at Hald International Center go through a program of mutual exchange with other IFES movements from several different countries. Laget is co-owner, as well as co-operator and responsible for the class of "Interact" at Hald International Center. Read more. 

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Contact Laget Interact

Leader: Hans Christian Bergsjø

Phone: 938 48 361

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