Bringing people together through sports

Last weekend a sports festival took place, hosted by KRIK and Laget Interact, with migrant groups, refugees and members from local organizations in Oslo playing side by side. It was an avenue for social and spiritual development.

It was a cloudy and windy Saturday morning at Sognsvann. Participants, observers and supporters defied the weather and trooped in groups for the KRIK Sports Festival 2019. The main sporting activities for the day were football and volleyball.

In between both competitions, everyone came together for devotion and feasting. The youth pastor of the Living Waters Church preached on how we have been called by Jesus to be fishers of men, and it was also used as an opportunity to reach out to the unsaved. She finished with a short prayer, and everyone proceeded to the volleyball court.

Sports as an opportunity for integration

Sporting activities have social, physical, mental benefits, where bonds are forged, relationships are strengthened, and connections and networks are made and extended. A much more important benefit of sports and sports festivals is that it is an avenue through which people from different backgrounds get to relate, thereby fostering togetherness and unity among those involved and, in this case, the different migrant Christian and non-Christian groups. In other words, sporting festivals are essential for community building.

After over four hours of continuous display of skill, tenacity and courage, emerged the winners of the competitions. Some left with the cup, some medals, some with new friends, networks and connections, and some others left with the desire to become more fit and active. It is no doubt that many left with joy in their hearts as some requested that the festival should be done more frequently. The KRIK Sports Festival 2019 was a success, and we congratulate this year’s winners: Bjølsen Bofellesskap and Bredtvet Kirke!

The Laget football team were unable to defend their win from last year, and Bjølsen Bofellesskap ended up as new champions.

The Laget football team were unable to defend their win from last year, and Bjølsen Bofellesskap ended up as new champions.

A list of the teams registered were:

  • Yewongel Ethiopian Church

  • Home Church

  • Laget

  • Living Water

  • Bjølsen Bofellessskap

  • Oslo International Family Church (OIFC)

  • International Methodist Church (IMCO)

  • All Nations Church

  • Menighetsfakultetet (MF)

  • Filipino Christian Fellowship ( FCC)

  • Bredvet Kirke