Privacy Policy

Norges Kristelige Student- og Skoleungdomslag (Laget) is obligated to treat personal information about their members, benefactors and other users in a proper way, in accordance with Norwegian laws and regulations. Here you can find how Laget obtains and uses personal information.


When you become a member of Laget, we ask for certain personal details about you. What is required and what is voluntary to submit is indicated in the membership form. Membership in Laget is voluntary and can be canceled at any time. We gather your information for two primary reasons:
1. In order to communicate with you about your membership and what is happening in Laget
2. As we receive government funds based on the number of members, and local groups, we are obligated to have basic details concerning our members.


When you register as a Benefactor, we ask of you the information apparent in the registration form. National Identity number is voluntary, however; in order to receive tax deductions, Laget requires this information. One time donations can be given anonymously.

Deleting information

When your membership in Laget or a payment-plan is discontinued, we store basic information about you for five years, before the data is deleted. With further transactions (e.g. a gift) this period is extended for another five years. We are obligated to do this in accordance with Norwegian laws of bookkeeping (Bokføringsloven § 13.).

Storing information

The personal information Laget presides over is seen as sensitive data and is therefore treated as such. Laget will under no circumstance give og sell personal information to other organizations or parties. The exception being the information required, by law, to be submitted to public authorities. As most other companies and organisations we also have external suppliers, who's services we use. These companies have no access to use our data and these services are regulated by separate data-trafficking agreements. Our data is stored in the database-tool Xledger and our event-solution is Checkin, the Data in these databases is password-protected and accessibility-based. We use Mailchimp for our newsletters, as well as Puzzel for SMS-services, here only relevant data such as; name, number or email used, and only Laget have access to this Data through our own login.


Our websites use cookies, which help to recognize you as a user and log the number of visits to our websites. This applies to,,,, and the yearly website for StudentFORUM. The cookies contain no personal data. The traffic of our websites are analyzed in Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel. At our websites we also use Facebook Pixel to improve our marketing.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, wish for your data to be deleted, or view what data is stored about you, email: or call 22 99 24 24.