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Laget is a Christian student and school organization that gathers in schools and universities throughout Norway. We support student voluntarism and are passionate about allowing young Christians to practice their faith in everyday life. We aim for students to get to know Jesus and find meaningful fellowship with other believers.

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Disciple at School

Laget is a Christian student and school organization that gathers in schools and universities throughout Norway. We support student voluntarism and are passionate about allowing young Christians to practice their faith in everyday life. We aim for students to get to know Jesus and find meaningful fellowship with other believers.

Laget exists because every student is invaluable to God, and we want to make Jesus known in every school and university in Norway so that he is believed, loved, and followed.

Why specifically in school?

If you believe in, love, and want to follow Jesus, this life doesn’t fit only on Sundays. The life of a disciple has too much potential for that. We have more weekdays than Sundays, and in our formative years, more school days. Therefore, we want to support and equip students to be disciples in their schools and universities.

Not everyone goes to church, but everyone goes to school. Hence, it can be crucial for some students that this meaningful fellowship with disciples exists outside the church walls.

Local groups – Our Core Activity

Laget consists primarily of around 230 local groups and 4,000 members who have chosen to engage and dedicate their time and resources to share the gospel with their fellow students. They have the support of thousands of people who support them financially, through voluntary work, and prayer.

The local groups are the core of our activities. These are independent, student-led, voluntary groups where students gather in schools and universities to share faith in everyday life.

While local groups may vary from school to school, many gather regularly during breaks to pray together, read the Bible, perhaps sing worship songs, and discuss various relevant topics for the Christian life, often aided by «Lagslunch». Usually, they also share a meal together. Some local groups emphasize activities as well.

What We Fight For

We believe that schools and universities should be diverse and open to various beliefs. Students should have the freedom to practice their faith, gather in schools, and express what they believe in.

We support student voluntarism and fight for freedom of religion, freedom of association, and freedom of speech.

What We Stand For

We stand for truth, freedom, and fellowship.

Truth encompasses God’s truth and His Word. Jesus says in the Bible, «You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.» In Laget, we actively seek answers to what truth is in this world.

Freedom includes freedom of religion, freedom of association, and freedom of speech, but it also points to the freedom we have in Jesus Christ, the central narrative in the gospel.

Fellowship denotes the organization’s DNA, simultaneously pointing to the fundamental Christian fellowship.

Democratic Organization

Laget is a democratic organization. The General Assembly is the organization’s legislative authority and is held every other year. The General Assembly elects the Board, which is the employer of the general secretary and the organization’s highest authority in matters not decided by the General Assembly.

We believe in Jesus, not only as the historic person he was, but as the resurrected and living God. Therefore, we pray, read the Bible and worship Him, because we believe Him when he said: «I am the way, the truth and the life». Here you can find what Laget NKSS’ faith and practice is based upon, in 14 points which we share with most churches in Norway.

1. God

The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit is the one true God, eternal and unchanging, holy and allmighty, merciful and loving, and ever-present everywhere.

2. The Bible

The Bible is the reliable word of God. Scripture alone is the definitive norm in all questions about life and faith. Everything the Bible proclaims as truth, is binding for the Church of Jesus Christ. The Bible is understood through its own testimony of the life of Jesus Christ and His salvation of mankind. The word of God reveals sin and sets people free. As such, the word is an instrument, by which the Spirit may create in us a true faith in Jesus Christ. 

3. Creation

God has created the whole world and sustains it. Every human being is created in His image to be an object of His love, to love and honor Him, have eternal life, love one’s neighbor and preside over His creation. 

4. Sin

After the fall of man, all of humanity is a generation of sinners without a intimate relationship with God. All stand with guilt and are subject to His holy wrath and judgement with no possibility to, by their own means, save themselves. Because of sin, all of creation is left to decay, the community of man is ruled by selfishness, and injustice is allowed to flourish.

5. Jesus

Jesus is the Messiah, the son of God, fully God and fully man, conceived by the Holy Spirit, and born of the virgin Mary. He lived without sin a true human life. He died on the cross, rose from death and ascended to heaven as Lord of all creation.

6. Reconciliation

Through His atoning sacrifice on the cross in our place, Jesus Christ once and for all, reconciled the world to God and conquered sin, death and the devil.

7. Justification

Justification is the act of God by the gift of grace. The righteousness, that Jesus Christ has won for us, is ascribed to us by faith alone. Through it anyone may receive forgiveness of their sins and stand before God in righteousness. Whoever believes in Jesus are by themselves sinners, yet they are justified in Jesus Christ.

8. Repentance

In order to be saved any man must repent of their sin and believe in Jesus Christ. Through the Word of God the Holy Spirit works faith and penitence in us. By faith and baptism the Spirit dwells in us, regenerates us, and incorporates us into the Church of Christ.

9. Sanctification

In those who are regenerated, the Spirit works in them a growing likeness to Christ; in mind and action. The old human being shall die and the new shall grow. This struggle persists until our transformation, on the day that Jesus Christ returns.

10. The Church

The holy universal Church – the body of Christ – is the fellowship of all those who believe in Jesus Christ. It is sustained and renewed by the Holy Spirit through the Word of God, baptism and Holy Communion.

11. The Mission

Jesus Christ is the world’s only Lord and saviour. He has given his Church the mission of making disciples of all the peoples and He has given His Spirit, who equips us with power and gifts for this mission. Every limb in the body of Christ has part in both the mission andthe equipping.

12. Responsibility of Christians

Jesus Christ is lord of a Christian’s life in its entirety. This commits all Christians to a correspondingly credible lifestyle. In Christ, mankinds presiding responsibility is renewed; to care for and manage creation, take responsibility in society and the world, and oppose evil and injustice.

13. Kingdom of God

The kingdom of God exist among us as a kingdom of mercy and forgiveness, but is yet to come in its full glory. All Christians still share the terms of the fallen creation; with frailty and impermanence, and suffer with Christ. Still there is revelation of the saving power and grace of the kingdom of God. When signs and miracles happen, in the name of Jesus Christ, they signal that the kingdom of God is near.

14. Return of Christ

At the end of time, Jesus Christ will return in plain sight. By his word all the dead shall rise bodily, and He shall judge each and every one – To eternal life, or to eternal perdition. Then God shall create the new heaven and the new earth, where perfect righteousness reigns, and establish the Kingdom in all its perfection.

English lagslunches

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